Exercise Is Essential for Weight-Loss Success!

Exercise is a critical component to your weight loss and necessary for your health and long-term success. Studies show that patients who follow an exercise program not only lose weight faster but also maintain their weight loss over a longer period of time. It is our goal to make fitness an integral part of your everyday lifestyle. Being active and exercising will ensure you achieve the best results possible while making your fitness experience a very positive one.

Baxter Fitness provides a comfortable setting, unique support, and extensive exercise instruction. Our support to you begins with your initial consultation. You will meet with a fitness professional for an exercise program unique to you and your fitness goals. We are available to answer your fitness questions, design your personal fitness program, set new fitness goals and help you make changes as you progress.

Our exercise equipment meets the challenges of individual size, muscle, joint sensitivity and offers a non-judgmental environment . We will emphasis the importance of movement for mobility, resistance training on a regular basis and low impact aerobic exercise. We are here to help you understand these important elements in your journey to a successful, healthier and stronger you! 

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