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"Don't let your struggle
become your identity!" - Ralston Bowles

Baxter Fitness is suitable for those with Parkinson's. Using our Aerobic/ Strength circuit and current Parkinson's exercise research, we emphasize strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, agility and fall prevention. We are proud to be listed as a resource for Parkinson's in Southern Oregon.

We invite you to visit the links below to learn more: 

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Multiple Sclerosis Resources:

Parkinson's Support Group

Who: The support group in Medford welcomes family, friends and care partners as well as those living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.
What: Provide educational programs, a safe, confidential forum for discussion,
and to empower those with PD to have the best possible quality of life.

Monthly Meetings: Curt and Val :

Location: The Medford Library, 205 South Central Avenue, Medford
Contact:  Contact the group facilitator, for details and before attending your
first meeting.

In fond memory of Janet Rodkey, co-developer of our Parkinson's program and dear friend.

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