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Individual Enrollment         $75

Couples Enrollment           $75

Monthly Dues

Individual Monthly Dues    $50
Couples Monthly Dues      $92

Ashland 541-625-4000

call for membership prices.

Private Sessions

Medford    541-776-9813

Private        $45 per visit

  Ashland    541-625-4000  

Call for private session

booking and prices.

SOBC Patients

Contact us for Fitness Evaluation and Program Costs

ROSA Patients

Contact us for Program Costs




Since 1997, Baxter Fitness has been providing its members with an exercise program that is both medically sound and fun to use. The Baxter Fitness exercise program is comprehensive and effective; tried and true.​


We meet with every new member by appointment for the first three sessions to fine tune the program to their specific needs and/or limitations. You will be in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. At our core, we are a medical exercise facility that cares about a positive outcome and a positive experience for you, our members!


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