Attitude is almost everything!

In the course of any given day, my staff and I will see a broad range of folks in various states of disrepair and in need of exercise, both generally and for specific conditions. Yes, there are the perfectly healthy folks over fifty just looking for a good place to exercise and they are here, too. But many are accompanied by their existing conditions which can’t be simply checked at the door: Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Cancer, Orthopedic Conditions, Brain Trauma, Metabolic Disorders, multiple combinations thereof, etc.

Every one of these conditions has its own seemingly cruel and indifferent symptoms;

pain, fatigue, anxiety, physical limitation, self consciousness, depression, neurological and speech limitations, functional shortcomings and on and on with subsets of each that go on and on and on…

Each person that makes their way through our door has one power over which they have complete control. For all of their individual Sisyphus-like boulders to bear they are powerful in one less tangible construct – Attitude. It is what shapes and defines our character; more relevant than money, social standing, proprietary holding or vanity, this one decimates the playing field. It beats the pants off of our seeming limitations. Ironically, a positive attitude can be found radiating from the eyes and smiles and hearts of those coping with real and terrible ailments. And in the face of those adversities, with their positive attitudes, they are making their way through the door. They are showing up. Showing up is everything. Attitude is a close second.

Andy Baxter is a Medical Exercise Specialist, world champion Master’s Rower, founder of Baxter Fitness For 50 and Beyond and the designer of SciFit’s new lateral trainer, the Side Step, which adheres to his philosophy of staying closed chain, compound, and bidirectional, while enhancing lateral strength and stability.

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