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Yeah, Oregon’s green but…

Recently I worked with an orthopedic group at a hospital in Ames, Iowa. Other than the primary topic of multi-planar resistance for knees, hips and spine (fascinating stuff, you’ll have to trust me on that one), they seemed somewhat fascinated that I was from Oregon. I ask what the perception of an Oregonian is. The guy I am travelling with also named Andy, answers, “Progressive, Green, and Laid Back.” I like that…

Mary loves our gym. I don’t know if she loves going to the gym generally speaking, but I can say that she loves our gym. She pulls up in front in her “green” vehicle and hops out sporting a Baxter Fitness shirt that says Out of my way, Sonny! on the front. Her black hat says “Bad hair day”. I like Mary; I like her happy-go-lucky demeanor, her wonderful smile and sunny disposition. Makes sense though, ‘cause she’s progressive, green and laid back.

Today will be a quick workout. Mary is in between parties and being wined and dined by her kids and extended family. July 5th was her ninety second birthday. I wish her a happy 92 and she is off, down the stairs and on to the street where she jumps in to her dark green Humvie, executes a perfect 3 point turn on Oak Street and roars off to her next adventure. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Now to all of you eco-minded folks out there, and I hope there are many of you, there has got to be, in specific cases like this one, a cosmic pass on this Humvie thing. I propose that if you see a nonagenarian driving a Humvie, sporting an Out of my way, Sonny! shirt and a black baseball cap you should applaud her as she is Progressive, Dark Green, and Laid Back. Then you should probably get the hell out of the way…

Andy Baxter is a Medical Exercise Specialist and the author of Racing Yesterday

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