It's NEVER too late

It’s never too late.

Sam is almost always my last client in the evening before we close. Even if the gym is empty, I would never close up early as I know that Sam might pop in at the last few minutes to get a workout. He may think he is a burden, but in fact I enjoy his company and look forward to his visits. This May will be Sam’s four year anniversary with us. He is soft spoken, thoughtful, and chooses his words carefully. I mention this because shortly after his heart attack a few years ago he was so weak that speaking required a great deal of effort and in that scenario choosing one’s words wisely is a matter not only of intellect but of necessity.

Often, after his workout, Sam will sit quietly in the waiting room and read a magazine or we will talk shop until closing time. But tonight he is pensive, walking around the facility, seemingly taking inventory of the exercise machines and his relationship with them. There is an energy about him; a happiness. He taps my desk gently and looks around the room. “You know this…this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I wish I’d started earlier. Hell, I didn’t think I’d even be alive this long.”

It’s never too late. I can (and most likely will if this blog thing works out) recount hundreds of similar stories of people in all states of disrepair who have turned their lives around through the transformative power of exercise. No one person’s battle is greater than another’s; they are all relative – as are their successes. The foundation to your success, much like the rest of life, is showing up. Showing up is no small thing. More on that later!

Andy Baxter is a Medical Exercise Specialist and the author of Racing Yesterday,

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