Yes, Virginia, BELLY FAT...

First some basics. Muscle is muscle, fat is fat. Muscle is not fat, nor can it turn in to fat. Fat is not muscle nor can it turn into muscle.

There is no spot reduction. You cannot target fat in a specific area directly by working the muscles in that same area. There is no miracle cream, no magic pill, and no effective Super Twisty Ab Thingy as seen on TV for just four monthly payments of $39.95. What there is is a multi-billion dollar industry feeding on insecurity and perpetuated misinformation. There is that.

Point #1 - The magic pill is not magic; it is a combination of nutrition and activity. Put another way, caloric intake versus exercise and non-exercise activity thermogenics. I will revisit that in another blog entry.

Point #2 – Individual thermogenic properties can vary dramatically from one individual to another, even if two people appear to be the same size and shape.

Point #3 – Different muscles have different innervation ratios. The greater the innervation ratio, the “smarter” the muscle and the more sensitive it is to a given stimulus. Lower innervation ratio muscles are referred to as “dumb” muscles. They are that way out of necessity as they are often bombarded with low intensity, continuous activities. The muscles of the abdomen, calves, and forearms could be considered dumb muscles.

Point #4 – Stomach crunches may be only slightly more effective at shedding belly fat than sitting on your couch eating Cheetos while watching infomercials for Super Twisty Ab Thingies.

Andy Baxter

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