Hi all, my name is Andy Baxter, I am a Medical Exercise Specialist, and I will be your blog guide today.

In my daily interactions with all manner of folk over fifty in multiple exercise facilities, I probably see, on average, fifty people per day. That’s fifty people per day, five days a week. That’s 250 people a week; 1000 per month. You get the idea.

So over the last fifteen years of working specifically with people from the age of 50 to 99 years old, roughly 180,000 of you have asked me a question, directly or in a fantastically round-a-bout way, pertaining to belly fat.

You say, “How do I strengthen my core?”

I say, “You mean ‘how do I get rid of belly fat?”

Than you say, either sheepishly or just plain relieved that I called it for what it was, “Yes.”

Or you say, “What types of crunches are best?”

I say, “You mean ‘How do I get rid of belly fat?’”

And you say “Precisely!” because that wasn’t so painful.

Or you say, “Looks like it might rain today” and I say, “You mean ‘How do I get rid of belly fat?’”

And you don’t say anything because you are marveling at my intuitive power to translate the subtext of what you just said - I know, it’s a gift.

Well, for those of you not among the 180,000 who have asked or thought of asking that question, the answer is …. Going to be addressed in the next installment!

Yours in health,


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