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Damon Ramshaw

ACSM CPT, HFS, SFA SPT and Owner of Baxter Fitness Medford.

His education includes a B.S. in Health Promotion/Fitness Management from Southern Oregon University. He has worked as a trainer, post-rehab aide, program manager, and fitness manager during his 20 years in the health and fitness field. He received certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Senior Fitness Association, as well as several other health promotion organizations.


Jill Brennan

Carolyn Wolf 


Promoting Healthy Practices for Your Life 

Jill is the founder and director of The Yoga Center of Medford, a registered Yoga Therapist, a Licensed Massage Therapist with 30 plus years experience, and a Medical Exercise Specialist with the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals. She offers classes at the Yoga Center of Medford and Baxter Fitness in Medford.


Carolyn is the instructor of Tai Chi Easy™. Tai Chi Easy™ is designed to improve the quality of life for people of all ages - whether well or unwell. Older adults may especially find Tai Chi Easy™ beneficial because the movements are low impact and place minimal stress on muscles and joints. Tai Chi Easy™ may also be helpful if you have arthritis or are recovering from an injury.


Joanie Baer


  Joanie Baer

  Membership Director, Office Manager and Multitasking Super Hero!

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Gail Palmer


Gail Palmer

Marketing Manager, Multi-talented Front Desk Aficionado!

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